Panel Discussion: The Future of Lottery Promotions


Panel Discussion: The Future of Lottery Promotions

The evolution of sports in lottery has included team-themed scratch tickets, on-field promotions at sporting events, and games based on the results of sporting contests (live and virtual). In media, pop culture, and entertainment, Powerball collaborates with Ryan Seacrest and ABC to be a part of the New York New Year’s Eve event.  What other strategies might enable Team Lottery to tap into the popularity of sports, celebrities, TV shows, movies, and pop culture characters and themes?  And how can Lottery’s massive retail footprint (and its off-shoots of smaller points of distribution “PODs”, self-serve vending, and non-traditional POS’s) be better leveraged as a promotional platform as well as distributional channel?   

Moderator: Stephen Durrell, Executive Director, Kansas Lottery


Armando Perez Cruz, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Lottery

Gregg Edgar, Executive Director, Arizona Lottery

Jordan Garcia​, President​,​ JNA Advertising

Khalid Jones, Principal, The Kolier Group

Amy Morin, Senior Director, Lottery Marketing, IGT

Stephen Ortiz​,​ Director of Sales & Marketing​, The Kansas Lottery

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