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Paul Jason & Suan Burke Jason of Public Gaming Research Institute.

Our website www.publicgaming.com, DAILY News Digest and weekly electronic newsletter (dubbed ‘Morning Report’) have changed dramatically over the past year. Check in frequently because the news is updated daily.

Public Gaming has been dedicated to the support and growth of lottery organizations all around the world since 1971 when our founders Duane and Doris Burke founded PGRI Public Gaming Research Institute.

Context and Commentary: There is lots of news, but little insight into what it means. Public Gaming adds the background, perspective and context that helps you make sense of it all.

In Depth interviews and topical analyses: Guidance from industry leaders and analyses from legal and political experts prepare us for the future.

Serious exploration of issues like how gaming operators are adjusting to rapidly changing player lifestyles and game styles and preferences, what’s happening in the public policy, regulatory, and legislative fronts all around the world, trend lines driving our industry, how to penetrate emerging markets and continue to engage mature markets, and much more ...

Archives and searchable databases: News and other stories are organized to enable you to quickly locate items by author, topic, and date.

Last but not least, Public Gaming delivers by far the most comprehensive and well-organized on-line general news and information resource in the gaming industry. And this is just the beginning …

In addition to all the above, we truly are on a mission and we appreciate your support. This industry is changing in quite dramatic ways. It is entirely possible that over the next 5 years, the macro-economic structure of the gaming industry will be wholly transformed. Public Policy is being formulated right now that will have profound and long-term implications for our industry and the public. We are referring to issues like monopoly versus free-market competition, free and open borders versus national right to self-determination, international regulatory policy pertaining to Internet and Mobile gaming, and much more. We do not presume to have the answers. We are, however, dedicated to giving a voice to the insights and perspectives of leaders of the industry; and to contribute to the body of knowledge that will hopefully inform and enlighten the shapers of public policy, the leaders of our industry, and the public whom we all serve.

Questions or comments, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it call U.S. + 425-449-3000.

Mission of Public Gaming Research Institute.
Public Gaming is dedicated to the support and growth of lottery organizations all around the world, Government Sponsored Gaming of all varieties, preservation of Responsible Regulatory Policies, and the forging of an informed and enlightened approach to Public Policy issues. We do this by providing information resources, daily news services, in depth commentary by experts and leaders in the gaming industry, and keeping you abreast of the status of legal, political, and regulatory matters that so affect our industry. The bi-monthly publication of Public Gaming International Magazine, the weekly electronic newsletter Morning Report, our website, and our conferences are the primary vehicles and products produced by PGR Institute. And we are committed to enhancing and augmenting those resources, products, and benefits that we provide our members. While we need funding to support our mission, our promise to you is to over-deliver the kind of informational resources that will help our members succeed and prosper.

Kind regards,

Paul Jason & Susan Burke Jason

www.publicgaming.com is our informational news website updated daily.

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PGRIDigitalLibrary.com - Articles and Magazines can be found here going back to the 1990's.

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