Modernizing the Lottery at Retail


Modernizing the Lottery at Retail: Retail is reinventing itself for the modern consumer.  CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies are helping them do it, and we can’t expect them to look out for our interests.  Lottery needs to take the leadership role in this paradigm shift that will end up re-positioning the way products and services are sold at retail.  Too, "convenience" has become the modern consumers' priority.  That that will give rise to a new generation of 21st century convenience stores which should represent an opportunity for Lottery.  How can Lottery apply digital technology to enhance the player experience, how can Lottery create more co-promotions to help retailers achieve their own goals to sell more and drive store-traffic, and how can Lottery otherwise align with the modernization of the retail shopping experience?

Moderator:  Gary Gonder
Chief Branding Officer, Missouri Lottery

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Michelle Carney, Vice President, Marketing, IGT

Tracey Cohen, Interim Executive Director, D.C. Lottery and Charitable Gaming Control Board

Tom Dolan, District Sales Manager, Florida Lottery

This video presentation is brought to you by Public Gaming Research Institute and was recorded at LOTTERY EXPO 2016  in Miami, Florida September 2016.


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