iLottery:  There is so much to talk about as 2021 promises to be a very big year for more U.S. states to authorize iLottery, and for players to want to avail themselves of online options.  What should all lotteries be doing now to position themselves for the possibility that iLottery may be soon approved in their jurisdiction?  What are the key drivers for success in the world of online lottery?  How are the online and off-line channels integrated to be mutually supportive, engage the players on multiple channels, drive traffic to stores, and otherwise optimize the whole lottery omni-channel ecosystem?  What is the value of social-media based initiatives that nurture the online connection with the consumer?  And how do we stay close to the player amidst all these technical issues?  As one industry leader observed: “It’s not just the plumbing we need to focus on, it’s the players.”

iLottery Roundtable Leader:

Gretchen Corbin,  President and Chief Executive Officer,

Georgia Lottery Corporation


Richard Bateson, Chief Commercial Officer, JUMBO Interactive

Kevin Hall, Executive Director, Virginia Lottery

Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote and Co-CEO of NeoPollard Interactive

Stephanie Weyant, Deputy Executive Director, Marketing & Product Development, Pennsylvania Lottery

Andrea Williams, Senior Marketing Manager, Gaming, IGT


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