HOF Members around the world Congratulate the class of 2020

Watch some of the members of the Hall of Fame around the world congratulate the class of 2020++Make sure you watch the whole thing - this movie is 15 minutes long with messages from members of the Hall of Fame from all over the world. The names of  the Members of the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame in the movie Congratulating the class of 2020 - in 7 separate vignettes. Screen number 1. Clockwise starting with Jim Kennedy in upper left corner; Paul; Norm Lingle; Ray Bates, Dianne Thompson; Michelle Carinci;  MIDDLE:  Don Sweitzer.   Screen number 2. Gary Grief. Screen number 3. Alice Garland. Screen number 4. Bill Huntley.  Screen number 5. Clockwise starting with Jennifer Westbury in upper left corner; Paul; Jay Gendron; Connie Laverty O’Connor; Steve Saferin. Screen number 6. Reidar Nordby. Screen number 7. Mark Michalko and Paula Otto.

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