VIDEO: PGRI interviews Evgeniy Vlasenko, Vice President, MSL State Lottery Ukraine

Click here to watch is the video interview with  Evgeniy Vlasenko, Vice President, MSL State Lottery Ukraine
Paul Jason conducted the zoom interview with Evgeniy Vlasenko on Friday May 13.  Evgeniy has managed MSL State Lottery in Ukraine for the last eleven years, has served on the European Lottery (EL) Executive Committee for the last eight years until 2021, and is a personal friend to myself and so many others in our industry.  He is speaking to us from a safe house in Ukraine.   The miracle of strength, faith, and fortitude of the people of Ukraine inspires awe and admiration in everyone around the world.  We ended up talking more about life in Ukraine and the war with Russia than about the MSL Lottery.  But the MSL Lottery is still operating, and the staff continues to work under extreme circumstances as they try to raise funds to support the resistance effort.   The people of Ukraine are looking forward hopefully to the time that they will be able to begin the process of rebuilding.


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