Leading with Gratitude Moderator: Matt Strawn, Chief Executive Officer, Iowa Lottery

Leading with Gratitude
Think updating/modernizing the Simon Sinek “What’s My Why”. 

Moderator: Matt Strawn, Chief Executive Officer, Iowa Lottery
• Panelists:
Jay Finks, Executive Director, Oklahoma Lottery
Joshua Johnston, Executive Director, Washington Lottery
Ryan Mindell, Deputy Executive Director, Texas Lottery
Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote

How might we connect better with the values and aspirations of our coworkers?
How have the catalysts and levers to inspire and motivate people changed over the last five years? How does a leader connect with people in ways that maximize engagement, productivity, and effectiveness? We know it’s about being “genuine” and “authentic”, but what does that mean exactly … what is the substance, what are we being genuine and authentic about? We know we have to update our communication style to resonate with people on their own personal level, even perhaps on an emotional level ... but how do we do it?

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